The Model Minute With ... Nicola Matear 

February 28, 2018 

Photography Lenni Mattanja

BYO: How long have you been modelling for?

NICOLA: About 4 years.

BYO: What drew you to Modelling, How did you get your start?

NICOLA: From a young age, my sister would create garments for me to wear, and we’d have a fun time taking photos. I then got business cards on the street, suggesting I join their agency. I walked into an agency and was signed.

BYO: What has been the Highlight of your modelling career so far?

NICOLA: Modelling Casio Sheen Swarovski watches for a Japanese commercial was my first big job. I then landed a couple TV commercials in Australia. Last season I had the chance to walk for shows during London and Paris Fashion weeks. Last weekend I was on the cover of ‘The Age’ Spectrum and ‘Sunday Morning Herald’ Newspapers, a very happy moment.

BYO: Describe your personal style.

NICOLA: I dress unisex. I wear mostly masculine pieces, and style them in a feminine and sexy way.

The Australian girl

PhotoStory by Kaloyan Grozev '18

I started modelling at an early age, when my older sister designed garments for me to wear. I then got business cards on the street, suggesting I join their agency. I walked into an agency and was signed. I worked in my home country for a bit, doing acting and modelling. When I’m not modelling I run a studio space ‘Converted Church’, in Melbourne Australia. However I wanted to explore different work opportunities and challenge myself in my modelling profession. I started to get interest in Europe and I became very curious.

I booked a flight to London and lived there for a year. I was lucky to work with many talented creatives. During London Fashion week I walked for Chinese couture designer ‘Hu Sheguang’. The show was at the ‘National History Museum’ and was spectacular. The models and I wore very high platform shoes, full bustling dresses and tall feathered hats. One job I wore 30 outfits a day, for three days, and was photographed all round different London sites, from London Bridge to Kings Cross Station. Also had the opportunity to travel to other European countries for work, where I learnt about their languages and cultures. One of my favourite designers I walked for during Paris Fashion Week was Zara Umrigar. It was an amazing experience to open her show. I spent my summer modelling and chasing the sun.

My good friend Yavor, showed me around his home country Bulgaria. It was very exotic for me; stunning landscapes, beautiful food and friendly people. I enjoyed learning about Bulgaria’s history. I befriended the locals and came in contact with the photographer Grozev. I was impressed with his portrait and fashion photography portfolio. We spent a day photographing and exploring Sofia.

I’m going back to Europe now, but this time for winter, can’t wait for what’s to come.

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